Uttarakhand Ki Sanskritik Dharohar

Ravain Kshetr ki Lok Sahity ka Sanskritik Addhyayan: Illustrating Traditions, Values, Language and Culture of Ravain Region

(Review of book ‘Uttarakhand Ki Sanskritik Dharohar’ by Dr.Jagdish Prasad Naudiyal (Jaguu Naudiyal)
             Ravain region of district Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India is rich in its heritage and exclusive culture. The region is situated in the valley between Tons and Yamuna Rivers. Rawain. Mahabharata and Skandpuran provide the glimpse of Ravain and its strategic and social importance of that time.
                 Ravain has exclusive social and cultural heritage. There is influence of Garhwali culture on the area but at the same time it has uniqueness and distinctiveness   too. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the culture and social aspects of Ravain region exclusive than Garhwal as whole.
              Dr Shiv Prasad Dabral provides the historical aspects of Ravain in his books ‘Uttarakhand ka Itihas’ .    No doubt, there have been attempts for exploring about the culture, language, folk literature of Ravain as by Dr. Govind Chatak, Dr. Shiva Nand Nautiyal, Surendra Pundir. However, all works come under the category of tits and bits. Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal a Garhwali and Hindi creative is firs creative to explore the region from all social and cultural angles in this Hindi book.
             The first chapter of the said book deals with general features as geography, forest and other economical aspects, famous tourist and religious places of Ravain.
             In the second chapter, the readers will find about culture of Ravain -  land, cultural features, customs , family tradition, religious and social norms etc
            Third chapter of Uttarakhand Ki Sanskritik Dharohar is dedicated to all arms of general folk literature
           Fourth chapter discusses about folk literature and cultural exclusivity.
            The learned research scholar Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal did not forget to guess about future of the region by stating present aspects and changes being taken places.
             The author Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal   traveled village to village for exploring each aspect of society and culture of Ravain. There are 23 photographs collected by the author and supported his findings by 13 charts.
         The book by Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal is based on the researches done for his PhD degree. However, Jaggu Naudiyal used simple Hindi phrases that book is different than the complex research write up.
    Research scholars, learned intellectuals and all other people from different fields will definitely appreciate the work of Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal.
   It I will be enough to conclude the words of Professor Braj Mohan Sharma of Punjab University  that Dr Jagdish Naudiyal alias Jaggu Naudiyal has deep study of traditions, values, language, culture and folk literature of Ravain a Himalayan region, therefore Dr Jagdish Naudiyal  is successful in presenting the original  geographical, historical, political, life of  Ravain. Professor Sharma appreciates the work of the scholar and states that Dr. Jagdish Naudiyal has tremendous capacity for examining the aspects of society and culture.
Book reviewed -
Uttarakhand Ki Sanskritik Dharohar-: Ravain Kshetr ki Lok Sahity ka Sanskritik Adhyan
Author –Dr Jagdish Prasad Naudiyal (Jaguu Naudiyal)
Publisher: Winsar Publishing Company
K.C. City Centre
4 Dispensary Road
Dehradun – 248001
Call- 0135-3294464
Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti

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