28 March, 2012

A Rawain- Garhwali Folk

(Notes on Rawai Folk Songs about Oppressed People, Garhwali Folk Songs about Oppressed People, Uttarakhandi Folk Songs about Oppressed People, Himalayan Folk Songs about Oppressed People, Indian Folk Songs about Oppressed People, Asian Folk Songs about Oppressed People)

Rawain is the area in the valley of Tons (Tamsa) and Yamuna Rivers of Uttarkashi district of Garhwal region. The area has a distinct culture and civilization from the Mahabharata era. The area Rawain was under Tihri King from 1815-1949. Dr. Shiv Prasad Dabral provided many oppressive methods of Tihri kings to get taxes from their subject. There had been many protests from Rawai region too especially by those inhabitants who had to settle in winter at southern Tihri Garhwal and in summer at Yamunotri area. There had been aggression from the King’s side for increasing Government forest area by diminishing the forest area of individual village. There had been tens of protests against the Tihri king in Rawain area.
The Tihri Riyasat police used to harass the people. The following folk song of Rawain area is the proof of oppression by Tihri Kings to their subject.  Dr. Naudiyal states that still people of Rawain feel scared remembering the Tihri king.

टिहरी राजा खिलाप रवाईं को लोकगीत

हड़दी हड़ी काँवणी खिलादीना तीर रे
सुरेतू का डेरे दा बिजली से जोर रे
घरे दा लाणा गाडिया कटियों दा चूना रे
डेरे दा फूका सुरेतू गाँव का पड़ा सुना रे
फूली जाला फुलेटू डाटटी ना दाई रे
सुरेतू का डेरा पुलिस रे आई रे
तुमारे भीतर सुनेरी ना चाकी रे
थाणे दी आई पुलिस ओबेर दी राखी रे

(संकलन - डा. जगदीश नौडियाल )

References: Dr. Shiv Prasad Dabral, Uttarakhand ka Itihas
Dr. Jagdish Naudiyal, Uttarakhand ki Sanskritik Dharohar pg24
Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti

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