Baba ji Ki Kapal Kriya

              (Review of ‘Baba Ji ki Kapal Kriya’ drama by Bhavani Datt Thapliyal)
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         ‘Baba ji Ki Kapal Kriya’ drama is part of ‘ Bhakt Prahlad ‘  (1912/13) by Bhavani Datt Thapliyal and is an exclusive one act drama too. The drama theme is taken from Markandey Puran wherein sons snatch the wealth of their father and they leave him in the jungle. However, the father still is their well wisher.
      In the story of ‘Baba ji Ki Kapal Kriya’ drama, the son declares his living father as dead that he could own the father’s property. The dialogue of son is the example of cruelty and selfishness of the son ‘ Jitna  ham jap tap karenge utna gap sapp karenge., jise lampat –labar banenge..’
        The son applies in the court for a bamboo stick for doing ‘Kapal Kriya ‘of his living father. The story is in exaggerated form but looks very realistic at the same time.  The imagination of Bhavani Datt Thapliyal is fantastic in showing the selfishness of a son and kindness of learned father.
           Bhavani Datt is the master in providing dialogues for the characters as per the time and as per the purpose of drama. The dialogues are agile and are in semi poetic form.   
                  Eminent Garhwali prose critic Dr Anil Dabral claims that Bhavani Datt Thapliyal has been successful in characterization and developing the characters.  The audience would definitely hate the son when they would watch the drama.

Dr Anil Dabral, 2007, Garhwali Gady parampara.
Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti

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