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23 March, 2012

Kathai Birali : A Garhwali Drama

(Review of a contemporary Garhwali Drama Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि) by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna)
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Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळिis one of the sixteen contemporary Garhwali dramas of ‘Chakrchal’(1986) a contemporary Garhwali drama collection book  by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna . The drama deals with the emotional attachment of migrated Garhwalis of Delhi, their desire to do something for their beloved motherland Garhwal. However, due to  necessary struggle for better life in cities of Delhi, Mumbai etc they are unable to contribute physically there in Garhwal. 
The contemporary Garhwali drama Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि)   is about social workers  as Martand (a businessman), Tarang  (a poet and intellectual), Aruna (a student leader), Bedhadak (a journalist), Raghu (poen at  Garhwal Sabha Delhi, Ajad (a politician) , Bhola (just came to delhi for his wife ‘s treatment) taking part in conference.  
There is no thrill in this contemporary drama but it opens many problems of Garhwal and pertaining to migrated Garhwalis. There is evergreen problem of contemporary Garhwal in the drama Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि) as following dialogue states

मार्तंड - हाँ  आजै मिटिग्यौ कार्यक्रम क्या ?
तरंगबात  पुराणि ही  गुरजि पण अमणि ज़रा हम लोग वां पर कुछ ण्या तरीका से
गंभीरता पूर्बक स्वचणा छां -पाड़ी माटो सौब उन्दों बौग्यी औणु .
The playwright of contemporary drama Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि) also deals with the negative points in contemporary political world. Azad lost election recent election. Now, he joins the ruling party and the characters of contemporary drama Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि) describes the political characteristics as –

मार्तंड - अच्छा  आजाद जीन ह्रदय परिवर्तन कर यले ?
अरुणा - ये देश मा हौर हूणु क्या बगैर स्र्जारी का दिल बदलेणा छन -कमाल
Bahuguna has been a leader in adopting popular Hindi and Sanskrit phrases in Garhwali as

तरंग-सूरज का समणि मु छ्याळो क्य रगर्यौण

The contemporary Garhwali drama ‘Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि) is successful in depicting the frustrating state of migrated Garhwali intellectuals and social workers who can only discuss about the problems of contemporary Garhwal and Garhwalis in plains but are totally unable to act upon.
Bahuguna wrote this contemporary Garhwali drama ‘Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि)’ for radio medium. Therefore, Abodh Bandhu emphasized more on dialogues that the requirement of stage on contemporary Garhwali drama ‘Kathai Birali (काठऐ बिराळि)’.

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