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Nauchhami Narain: A Garhwali Drama

(Review of ‘Nauchhami Narain’ a Lyrical Garhwali Drama by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna (1986)
(Notes of Indian Stage Plays, Himalayan Stage Plays, Uttarakhandi Stage Plays, Garhwali Stage Plays, Hundred Years of Modern Garhwali Stage Plays)

Nauchhami Narain’ a lyrical Garhwali play is based on nine aspects of life span of lord Krishna. There are nine parts of ‘Nauchhami Narain’:
1-Krishna Janm
2-Pootana Maran
3-Kaliya Dahan
4-Govardhan Dharan
5-Ras leela
6-Cheer Haran
7-Ban Devi Poojan
8-Rukmani Mangal
9-Updesh in Kurukshetr
The playwright Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna regionalized the story of lord Krishna. There is no any story link. The drama is totally a poetic play and is on Jagar style where it is not necessary to have link of one part to other story.  There are many emotions in the drama to attract the attention of audience. Bhishm Kukreti supports the statement of Dr Anil Dabral that it is not a drama but a descriptive tale.  It may be said that Bahuguna wrote Jagar of lord Krishna in modern and Sanskritized Garhwali (for which Bahuguna is famous).
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