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16 March, 2012

Prabhati: A Folk Song

(Notes on Indian Folk Culture, Himalayan Folk Culture, Uttarakhandi Folk Culture, Kumauni Folk Culture Garhwali Folk Culture) 

Chait is a Cultural Month for rural Uttarakhand. Due to heavy migration the cultural activities may be less in numbers or might have changed as per need of time, place and class. However, broadly there were following main cultural activities in rural Garhwal around seventies.
1-Chaiti by Aujee’s
2-Other activities by Aujee’s
3- Putting flowers on corners of doorsills by unmarried girls from Fulsangrand to Baisakhi (first day of Chait to first day or Baisakh – 14thMarch to 14th April)   
4- Dance and song programs in the night in village council courtyard. This is the reason that Uttarakhandi call Chait as Nachno or Gano maina.
5- Lang by Badis after every twelve years in the village.

 Cultural Activities by Aujees
Aujees mean who play Dhol-Damau in all auspicious occasions. The Aujees are very much family members or village members in all the occasions.
On the first day of Chait, Aujees play Dhol-Damau in morning, afternoon and evening. Aujees play different tone at each time.
Prabhati: A folk Song sung in morning by Auji on the first day of Chait month in Garhwal
                     In morning, Aujees play 39 matraon ki tal called Prabhati. The tal and song are initiated by prayers of Bhumpal Khsetrpal, Kuldevtaa, Panchnam deities (Dhunyel Tal).
With playing Dhol-Damau, Aujees also sing folk song as the following song is prayer of lord Ram-Seeta Ji -

स्थाई चरण - रबी भानूं कांठी चढ़ी गेना , देवी सीता जी
सहायक चरण - ब्यूजी गैना पंचनाम देवा ये देवी सीता जी
      सस्ना बन्द चकवे की दुरो मंद तारा सीता जी
            गौं की गुलबंद खुची , पंथी पंथूं को चली सीता जी
            पूरब उज्याळी पंछी बोल्दीं देवी सीता जी
            गंगा जाल भरि ला दे गागरी देवी सीता जी
            राम जी को नयेण की ये बेला देवी सीता जी
            राम जी को लादे धोती पीताम्बरी देवी सीता जी
रबी भानूं कांठी चढ़ी गेना , देवी सीता जी

गीत मूल स्रोत्र - केशव अनुरागी , नाद नंदनी
सन्दर्भ - डा शिवा नन्द नौटियाल

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