Jeetu Haran: A Garhwali Drama

(Review of a Poetic Garhwali Drama ‘Jeetu Haran’ written by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna, 1986)
(Notes on Indian Poetic Drama, Himalayan Poetic Drama, Uttarakhandi Poetic Drama, Garhwali Poetic Drama, Hundred Years of Modern Garhwali Dramas)
All the plays compiled in ‘Chakrchal’ by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna are radio dramas. There is one poetic drama in the collection ‘ Jeetu Haran’.  The poetic drama ‘ Jeetu Haran’ is based on popular folk story of Jeetu Bagdwal.
The story of jeetu Bagdwal is narrated by sutrdhar in whole of poetic drama. The story is about meeting of Jeetu bagdwal with Bharana, there are many community songs in poetic drama ‘ Jeetu Haran’ including a couple of folk work songs.  The drama does not end with anchheri taking Jeetu Bagdwal but with a preaching Jhumailo song.
The lyrical drama was written keeping in mind the radio audience. Bahuguna never leaves his intellectualism in each of his creation. Bhishm Kukreti calls Intellectualism in Garhwali literature as ‘Bahugunaism’ and realism as ‘ Dandariyalism’.  The lyric are with figures of speech and create desired images.
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