ब्योली नवांद दैन्कू मांगळ गीत

Bathing after   Haldi Hath by Bride : A Garhwali Wedding Folk Songs                

( Nayand Dain ku  Mangal )
(Garhwali Wedding Folk Songs, Himalayan Wedding Folk Songs)

Wedding Folk Songs are very important aspects of Garhwali culture. There is folk song for each stage of Garhwali wedding.

However, marriage or singing, dancing in wedding ceremony is common in most of the community all over world.

Take the example of Palestine, there are many folk songs sung at the wedding time in groom’s house and bride’s house as well. The Henna application on Bride’s face and on other part is very essential aspect of Palestine community, On that occasion the community members sing  various types of Wedding folk Songs . N.Azam provides the example of Henna application in Palestine.

Wedding Folk Songs of Palestine

“They put henna on the brides but left out my hands”
“How wonderful it is to sleep among the girls”
“They put henna on the brides but left out my fingers”
“How wonderful it is to sleep among the little girls”

(Reference : Na’ela Azzam Libbes, The Palestine Wedding Practices and Rituals; This Week in Palestine, Issue 105, 2007)

Wedding Folk Song and Dance in Anatolia

 In Anatolia , the bride sits on cushion , the Henna is put in silver bowl and The   unmarried women applies Henna on left hand of the bride and married woman applies Henna on bride’s right hand. The guest, family members sing, dance with enthusiasm. Havalar Ayaz song is very popular wedding folk songs of Turkey

Wedding songs of Baluchistan

In Baluchistan, there is festive occasion while Henna application (decoration of Henna on Bride’s body) is there win wedding performances. The women sing various types of songs related to Henna application

Wedding Folk Songs of Bulgaria , Europe

In Bulgaria marriage ceremony is very important and there is folk song, dances in wedding performances and rituals are also sung  Astargya , Blacha, Buchimish, BavnaMelodija are a couple of famous titles of wedding songs of Bulgaria.

Chinese Wedding Folk Songs (Feng )  and Dance

Chinese have philosophical wedding culture and is full of traditions and rituals. The wedding songs, music is primary music in China. Chinese wedding folk music is very diverse, and songs provide joyful feeling, slow, at times sad feelings an d romantic at other times as also happens in Garhwali wedding performances. In this occasion, there is always wedding music tune which is different than funeral music tune or dragon boat race.

Wedding Folk Music in Africa 

As in Garhwal, Kumaun of Uttarakhand (India) the wedding marriage is not the relationship between the bride and groom but is seen more like a combining two families together. Therefore, in most of regions, there are wedding folk songs, dances in Africa.

Famous Irish Wedding Folk Songs

In Irish wedding is a social ceremony. The family member s sing song and dance with joy . the following folk song is very popular song of Irish wedding tradition

“She wears my ring to show the world
That she belongs to me
She wears my ring to tell the world
She’s mine eternally”…………….

…………………….. “She swears to wear it…….
“With eternal devo-otion
“That’s why I sing”
“Because she wears my ri-i-ing”

Garhwali Wedding Folk Songs at the time of Bride Ttaking Bath 

( Nayand Dain ku  Mangal )

As mentioned above that there are songs in each dtage of Garhwali wedding . When there is Haldi Hath (Ban Deen) then there is bathing (Nayan) of bride or groom at their respective home. When bride takes bath by water (no soap is allowed) with the help of her friends inside the room and outside on the country yard   , the singers sing folk song and the Das play drums etc. The music is slow but very soothing to ear.

The song is symbolic and the song narrates about goddess Parvati taking bath in the pond.        

क्यान कुण्डी कौज्याळ ह्वाए s s s
क्यान कुण्डी कौज्याळ ह्वाए s s s

मथि देश द्यो नि बरखो s s s
मथि देश द्यो नि बरखो s s s

क्यान कुण्डी कौज्याळ ह्वाए s s s
क्यान कुण्डी कौज्याळ ह्वाए s s s

सुरया धुमेलो ह्वाई s s s
सुरया धुमेला ह्वाए s s s

मथि कुण्डी पारबती नयाए s s s
मुडी कुण्डी कौज्याळ ह्वाए s s s

ईं ब्योली रंग चढ़ावा ए s s s
ईं ब्योली रंग चढ़ावा ए s s s

सबि कनियों दगड्या बुलावा ए s s s
सबि कनियों दगड्या बुलावा ए s s s

Totaram Dhoundiyal, Mangal, Dhad Prakashan, Dehradun
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti,

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